By Ashwini Deshpande

I was rewarded with an HMT Suchitra 40 years ago, back when parents gifted wristwatches to their children on securing good marks in the 10th grade. However, a pang of disappointment coursed through me when I realised that it didn’t have a focus on function — the…

Envisaging an Oasis of Indian Culture on World Stage — A Vision, unrealized due to the tragedy of the pandemic, but one that left us with hope & pride.

Combining Resilience and Achievement

For those involved with sport in any capacity, the importance of the Olympics is but a bygone…

The following article by Ashish Deshpande appeared first in an interview in the Retail4growth magazine July edition, 2021.

“How many of us as designers go back to our stores after a year of operation and ask franchisee/store manager about the ROI from the store? It’s time we did that…

By Ashish Deshpande

Many times, innovative problem-solving focuses on larger, game-changing solutions. Of course, there’s no problem with that — it works wonders when we consider the business & technology context. …

By Lata Sankaran

Sustainable Packaging

Heightened consumer concerns about cleanliness and hygiene have resulted in brands attempting new ways to build trust. Consumers need healthy reassurance when it comes to protection and safety. This has enabled certain trends that are non-sustainable and wasteful, even.

‘Single Use’ and ‘Non-returnable’ packaging, for…

By Lata Sankaran

Part II: Smart Packaging

The pandemic has converted many compulsive shopaholics and reluctant online shoppers into accepting the digital mode of interacting with brands. We now witness interesting ways in which technology is integrated with packaging.

In fact, it has become a strong enabler for brands to…

By Lata Sankaran


The aftermath of a pandemic has been instrumental in shapeshifting consumer behavior patterns as well as creating adverse disruptions across sectors. …

By Reema Mehta

How NYC transformed itself during the pandemic through the application of good design

As I spent Fall in Manhattan this year, the city that never sleeps had a reformed way of going about its usual hustle. The pandemic altered the ways in which people moved around the…

(“P” and “N” are kind of long-distance friends residing in two time zones 30 years apart. “P” stays at the year 2050 and “N” in 2018. These are few of the many notes ‘“P” wrote to ‘N”: )

By Partho Guha


Inspired from the book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari

IIn the past, war used…

Sustainability & responsibility are the DNA of Design

Ashish Deshpande, Director, Elephant Design, tells VM&RD why sustainability is the essence of store design and explains with an example of how it can be realistically made part of a store design project.

How do you define sustainability in the context of retail design?

The answer to sustainability in retail lies in the…

Elephant Design

Elephant Design is an award winning Strategic Design and Brand Consultancy with offices in India & Singapore.

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