Notes from Future: When Nobody Dies

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3 min readNov 27, 2020


(“P” and “N” are kind of long-distance friends residing in two time zones 30 years apart. “P” stays at the year 2050 and “N” in 2018. These are few of the many notes ‘“P” wrote to ‘N”: )

By Partho Guha


Inspired from the book “Homo Deus” by Yuval Noah Harari

IIn the past, war used to be a big killer but in the last few decades, there is no big war. The chance of a real war is only getting slimmer as time passes. In the past, hunger used to be a cause of death. Today we already have enough food for all and in the future, there will not be any death due to famine. In the past, the disease was a big cause of death. Today we already have know-how and mechanism to control any deadly outbreak. The disease is no more a cause of large-scale death.

In the future, we will live a very long life, maybe we will have no compulsion to die.

Hey N,

You seem to be curious about how life seems in 2050. I will try and describe some of the things happening around here. Future is nothing like you see in Sci-Fi films but there is a rapid change happening. Let me try and describe a few of the interesting things, which are noticeable.

Today let me tell you a few examples of things happening because human beings are almost not dying anymore. By 2050 we can extend our old bodies to the maximum. Most people these days live beyond 100 years. There are no diseases or other external factors, which endanger health. Our body does become old and frail but there is no suffering due to sickness.

Scientists are now doing research for keeping the body young at a very old age. In a few years, we will see our mind maturing with time, but the body remaining at 20 years only.

Now let me quickly tell you some of the interesting things, which I see around myself.

There are lots of Exoskeleton shops in the city these days. There is even one at Bavdhan. This Exoskeleton center makes interesting attachable smart mechanisms which are attached to the hands and legs. They help frail bodies to increase the strength of their limbs for heavy lifting and speed walking for long-distance. These are individually customizable depending upon the specific weakness. It is a very helpful service, which keeps elderly people active so that they are able to take care of themselves quite well. Most of the elderly are now working and have a very active life. These Exoskeleton parts come in various colors and styles. They are now considered fashion accessories. Even young people are using them so that they can enhance their physical abilities considerably.

Next, let me tell you about Gene Therapy Clinics.

Most of the older hospitals have transformed into these clinics. They ensure long-term wellness and provide whatever medical help we need. Treatments these days are focused on gene issues.

Looking for the Right companion for the elderly has become a big business. Dating, live-in, changing partners is a need these days. People experiment living in various kinds of relationships, as time is not a constraint anymore. Relationships like a commune, robo-companion, contract relationship are norms these days. Marriage is a forgotten practice now.

Now I need to go and change my body's Exoskeleton. It needs more strength to keep up with my adventures world-tour journey I am planning.

With love




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